Electronic Voting Verification (Prototype/Illustration)
1. Enter the serial number of your electronic keypad, and choose the race and ballot you want to verify.
2. Verify that your vote was cast correctly by locating your vote on the tally sheet below.
You can see how your vote was cast--now that the polls are closed. You cannot see how others voted.
Your vote is shown as an integer value, 1, meaning that one vote was cast for your candidate.
If your keypad did not work, or if your vote was not cast correctly, approach the Elections Problems Desk immediately.
3. Verify that your vote was tallied correctly by following your vote to the final tally.
You will be able to see how your vote was tallied--after the vote is declared to be final.
US Senate Race - Ballot 1 - Group 186
 Serial Number 
3701 x x x x
3702 x x x x
3703 x x x x
3704 x x x x
3705 x x x x
3706 x x x x
3707 x x x x
3708 x x x x
3709 x x x x
3710 x x x x
3711 1      
3712 x x x x
3713 x x x x
3714 x x x x
3715 x x x x
3716 x x x x
3717 x x x x
3718 x x x x
3719 x x x x
3720 x x x x
Totals X X X X